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Born in Chicago and raised in a small town outside of Atlanta, Tommy spent much of his time hunting and fishing where he developed a great love for the outdoors. He still loves nature but his shooting now is done with a camera, where he enjoys capturing anything of life for future paintings in oil and watercolor.


Tommy worked most of his adult life in the corporate world. His artistic talents were sometimes called upon in his work but he developed primarily as a portrait artist for family and friends. He now specializes in realistic subject matter ranging from still life to wildlife and landscapes.


He is self-taught and his work is displayed in galleries from north to south Georgia. In 2001, the Georgia Council for the Arts selected his work for the spring showing of ‘The Governor’s Galleries’ at the state capitol. Most recently, he has been featured at The Atlanta Artist Center and in various Thomas Kinkade, Lagerquist and Ann Jackson galleries and at Café Tu Tu Tango.


He has a strong Christian faith and sees God as the source of any accomplishment or work that comes through him. Hence, Master is God and Pieces is Tommy’s work. His greatest works are his two children, Jared (Bo) and Ivey.

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